Hungary Golden Visa

"The Hungarian Guest Investor" program offers non-EU nationals, fast-track permanent long term residence status in Hungary, who buy 250,000 euro in Real estate (fund or property) No requirement to live in Hungary. Family and children also get immediate guest residence status. Guest investor residence permit issued for 10 years.


  • 20 year EU residence status (Guest investor card)
  • Family and children get PR under family unification.
  • Fast track residence permit in Hungary within 4 weeks
  • No language tests. No medical tests. No education requirement.
  • Low cost of living in Central Europe.
  • Visa free movement in Schengen area. Live in any EU Schengen country for 6 months maximum
  • Live, study and work in Hungary
  • Financing option possible for the entire investment.
  • Risk free investment in Euros
  • Open to all country nationals.

Hungary Guest investor program was launched on Jan 1, 2024 becoming golden visa program officially open for investing in property market in Hungary. First Applications can be filed from July 1, 2024. Contact us for a free quote.

Eligible Investments

  • Real Estate Fund - EUR 250,000 (invested for 5 years, fully refundable investment)
  • Real Estate Property - Buy a residentia property for EUR 500,000 (must maintain for 5 years)
  • Donation - EUR 1 million (purpose of educational, scientific research or artistic creation activities,)

The residential property with a value of at least EUR 500 000, located in the geographical territory of Hungary and registered in the Land Registry of Hungary under its parcel identification/topographical LOT number, free and clear of all liens, claims and encumbrances.  Validity period of the Residence document is maximised in 10 years, and it may be extended for another 10 years for the same purpose.

1. Real Estate Investment fund 

a certificate from the real estate fund manager registered by the Hungarian National Bank or from the distributor of the investment fund share on the investment fund share of EUR 250 000 issued under the name of the third-country national. 

Qualifying Funds - You are required to have an investment fund share issued by a real estate fund for at least 5 years whose net asset value comprises minimum 40% of investments in residential real estate in Hungary and its real estate fund manager has at least a simplified site security certificate or is listed in the register under Act XXX of 2016 on Defence and Security Procurement.

2. Real Estate Property

Provide a contract of sale and purchase, countersigned by a lawyer, concerning a residential property with a value of at least EUR 500 000, located in the geographical territory of Hungary and registered in the Land Registry of Hungary under its parcel identification/topographical LOT number, free and clear of all liens, claims and encumbrances.

Processing Times

The National directorate of Aliens policing (NDAP) authority take 3-6 months to process the investment application. If inside the country, decisions are taken by OIF aliens and migratiton authority within 21 days. Outside the country, applications must be launched at hungarian consulate (expect 4-6 months)


How it works?

  1. Sign the investment contract
  2. We prepare initial application and do quick check on documents
  3. Pay the full investment.
  4. Apply at Hungarian embassy in your country for residence permit with investment fund share certificate and other documents, including rented lease in Budapest). In 3 months, your file will be approved, you will be given D visa to visit Hungary within 2 years to complete the formalities.
  5. You must come to Budapest(Hungary) in person for fingerprinting and reporting with Immigration office, ot collect residence permit card
  6. After 3 months, you will receive a residence card valid for 5 years and then renewed thereafter for another 5 years.
  7. Family and children apply for hungarian residency at hungarian consulate, under "family unification" with the copy of your RP card
  8. You can naturalize for hungarian citizenship after 8 years of living (hungarian language needed)

You can see the full procedure.


What is Hungary Golden visa?

“The Hungarian Investor Immigration Program (“Program”) allows third country nationals (non-European Union citizens) to acquire Hungary’s permanent residency status through investment. It remains the most popular golden visa program in Europe.

Is Hungary a schengen country?

Yes, Hungary signed the schengen agreement. The visas and residence permits issued by Hungary is valid in all schengen states, including Switzerland. The currency in Hungary is "Hungarian forint (HUF) which is approximately 4mai00 forints for 1 euro.

Can i live and visit EU Schengen member states?

Yes, with a valid Hungarian ID card (residence permit card), you visit all the 28 schengen states for business or tourism purpose. You can also live in these countries for maximum 180 days in 6 month period, 

AT Austria BE Belgium BG Bulgaria CH Switzerland CY Cyprus CZ Czech Republic DE Germany DK Denmark EE Estonia EL Greece ES Spain FI Finland FR France HR Croatia HU Hungary IE Ireland IS Iceland IT Italy LI Liechtenstein LT Lithuania LU Luxembourg LV Latvia MT Malta NL Netherlands NO Norway PL Poland PT Portugal RO Romania SE Sweden SI Slovenia SK Slovakia UK  Romania and Bulgaria joining schengen zone from March 1, 2024.

You can also visit Non-Schengen EU member states with Hungarian residence card such as

Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Cyprus, Bosnia, Moldova, Montenegro, Georgia. You can also visit Turkey with e-visa using your Hungarian card.

UK does not belong to Schengen zone, so to visit UK you will need a separate UK visa. Hungarian card is not valid to visit UK.

Is the Golden visa   program approved by the Government?

Yes, it is fully backed by the Hungarian Government.Law gazetted: Download

Is financing possible under this scheme

Yes, it can be arranged. 

Is the Government fee paid refundable?

No, it is a non-refundable payment once your application is approved.

What exit strategy after 5 year period?

  • You will get back the 250,000 euros, money you paid after 5 years.
  • You will still keep the PR issued by Hungary.
  • No need to subscribe the Fund’s shares again.
  • There will be no change in Permanent resident status 

What are the eligibility conditions to apply  under the scheme?

  1. The main applicant must be over the age of 18.
  2. No criminal record.
  3. Spouse included
  4. Sibling and grandparents can be included if they cannot support themselves
  5. No language, age, or working experience requirement.

Can i appoint a proxy to handle my case from abroad?

Yes you can.

What documents are required?

Valid passports, ID cards, Police record certificate from country of origin. Health Insurance covered in Hungary, Marriage certificate (must have apostile)

What if the application is rejected by Hungarian authorities?

You have to appeal within 8 days. Your investment will be refunded less applicable charges.

Are there any residency requirements to live in Hungary?

Once granted the permanent residency, there is no residency obligation to live in Hungary. However they are free to enter and exit any schengen country. 

Can we get PR status for newly born children?

If the child is newly born in Hungary, then parents (holding PR status) can file directly with the local immigration office BAH for the child’s permanent residency application.

Is it possible to get Hungarian citizenship under this program?

Yes, you can get Hungarian citizenship and passport after 8 years of living through naturalization. You will also need to pass Hungarian language test and take an oath.

Can i work under the golden visa scheme?

Yes, you or your family members are allowed to work under the scheme.

Here is a brief overview on working rights...

Investors  - The Guest residence permit entitles its holder to pursue activities independently, for remuneration or act as a chief executive of a business organisation, cooperative or other legal entity established for the purpose of gainful activity.

Family members - The Guest residence permit for family reunification entitles its holder to perform actual work for or under the direction of others, for remuneration, under contract for employment relationship.

Can i buy a real estate in Budapest?

Yes, with the residence permit card, you are allowed to buy housing or real estate property in Hungary. The prices are cheap usually a nice flat in a central area costs from 250,000 euros. In this case you can buy two properties for 500,000

But this only after you get approved under the golden visa scheme. 

Can i get residency visa if i buy only real estate?

Yes you can. It is a 100% property investment scheme.

Do i need to pay taxes in Hungary?

Only if you live more than 183 days per year, you become a tax resident. The hungarian tax authority (NAV) will issue you a tax id card, and it is recommend to have one.

How to get Hungarian citizenship?

The Guest investor visa provides a path to naturalize for EU citizenship in Hungary. You must live in Hungary continously for 8 years. Also must pass hungarian language and cultural test.

Does Hungary permit dual citizenship?


What is the difference between "Guest investor visa" and "Guest residence permit"?

The Guest investor visa refers to the D visa you receive at the hungarian embassy which has limited validity of 180 days. This visa is converted to Guest residence permit (valid for 5 years) when you arrive in Hungary.

Can EEA/EU citizens apply under this program?

No, this scheme is only open for third country nationals outside EU.

What are the approval and success rates?

We have had 100%  succesful approval rates, as we do a quick due diligence on clients and let them know beforehand if they can get approved.

Are you authorized agent for the Hungarian program?

We work with trusted partners in Hungary.

Can US citizens apply under this program?

Yes, we welcome Americans to apply under this route and we also encourage real estate investment in Budapest.

Permanent Residence in Europe

Hungary PR status for 20 years.

No Residence Requirements

No requirement to live in Hungary with PR.

Free Schengen Movement

Visit in any Schengen country including Germany, Switzerland etc..

Hungarian Citizenship

After 8 years, apply for Hungarian citizenship.

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